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As an interior designer, I can make any workplace attractive. Easy as pie. But does that make for a nice working environment? Or does it require more than that? I believe that a business interior should have a special and unique look and be logically put together. Layout, acoustics, routing, ergonomics, use of colour, atmosphere and furniture need to be right. But there is more to it than that. Making everyone part of the story. Making everyone enthusiastic. Because why is the workplace being renovated and how will everyone benefit? That is why, besides being a creative designer, I am also a change management professional.

An authentic way of working

For every design and change project, I deliver tailor-made solutions. Together with an (internal) project team, I put together an action plan with clear deadlines and milestones that contribute to your objectives. I focus on monitoring the concept, guiding the change process and working out the design in detail.

But it doesn’t stop there. After the renovation, conversion and/or relocation, I also provide after-care. After-care includes answering user questions, providing (repetitive) training about the new way of working, the evaluating the project itself and, of course, taking care of the finishing touch.

Ongoing projects

Topigs Norsvin


Curious about current and completed projects? Over the past few years, I rolled up my sleeves in many different places. In my portfolio, you can see the projects I was involved in. Projects I look back on with pride and a big smile.

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