Ongoing projects

'What makes my heart beat faster right now!'

Who: I currently enjoy working on a wide variety of projects for a wide variety of clients. What binds them? An eye for creating a working/learning/living environment that benefits the user, with attention to a strong concept and a soft landing.

Academy of Midwifery

‘Delivering high-quality education in a personal an atmospheric environment.’

Duration: February 2022 – ongoing

Key activities: Interior design, concept development, creating a support base for the upcoming change, esthetical supervision in the realization phase.


‘Carrying people into the story’

Duration: April 2023 – ongoing

Key activities: Steering group advisor on future proof Hybride working policy, Change Management, project coordination.

Circle infra partners – IAZI office

‘A future proof office environment’

Duration: November 2023 – ongoing

Key activities: Interior design, concept development, Change Management.

New education environment for ZUYD

‘High-tech Activity based learning’

Duration: January 2024 – ongoing

Key activities: Interior design, concept development.


Curious about current and completed projects? Over the past few years, I rolled up my sleeves in many different places. In my portfolio, you can see the projects I was involved in. Projects I look back on with pride and a big smile.