Hi, nice to meet you!

As an interior designer, I can make any workplace attractive. Easy as pie. But does that make for a nice working environment? Or does it require more than that? I believe that a business interior should have a special and unique look and be logically put together. Layout, acoustics, routing, ergonomics, use of colour, atmosphere and furniture need to be right. But there is more to it than that. Making everyone part of the story. Making everyone enthusiastic. Because why is the workplace being renovated and how will everyone benefit? That is why, besides being a creative designer, I am also a change management professional.

A work environment that makes you grow

Doing what you are good at and using all your talents, working with people who respect and appreciate you and having a place where you feel completely at home. That makes employees happier. And so do employers, because happy employees deliver significantly better results, are more motivated and want to stay.

I guide your organisation through radical changes on the shop floor (rebuilding, renewal, relocation). I add value with concept development, change management & interior design. You get an interior that reflects your company’s identity and is recognisable for employees, customers and visitors. Made for and together with you.

“Challenging the existing situation together, by taking subjects to a more abstract level, that is where I find my inspiration.”