Establishing growth with work environments

Authentic, Valuable, Positivity, Co-creation

Maike Kentrop facilitates your organization during impactful changes in your work environment, through concept development, change management & interior design. Value is added by creating, in the broadest sense, an engaging, healthy and future proof work environment that reflects the values of your organization.

We stand by the value of co-creation

By adding co-creation to the process we create a future proof work environment where employees can thrive and the business progresses. Not only does teamwork make the dream work, but a happy work environment makes a happy employer.

The power of co-creation is not only applicable to working with internal stakeholders. During the process we can be in need of a specialist. For every project we select the most suited collaboration partners to make our ‘wildest ideas’ a reality.

Creating with an open mind

Maike Kentrop started her career as an interior designer during her 4-year education at the Jan des Bouvrie academy in 2010. Via several valuable detours, her passion was found in creating work environments in which employees can perform in the most optimal conditions. A place where employees feel free to choose their own way of working, that adds value to their lives and to the goals and ambitions of the organization. During the past years she successfully guided several organizations to create a future proof work environment.

“Challenging the existing situation together, by taking subjects to a more abstract level, that is where I find my inspiration.”

An authentic way of working

Every project strategy is tailor made, simply because each organization is different in many ways. In collaboration with the project team, we line up a custom made approach including clear deliverables that contribute to your goals.

During the proces, the main focus is on guarding the concept and guiding you through a gratified implementation of the design.

Discover our ongoing projects

We believe in engaging, healthy and future proof work environments, and so do our clients. Our way of working is custom made depending on your organization. Read more about our ongoing projects and how we implement our strategy to each unique project.

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