Mediahuis Limburg

‘After the cannon blast, the employees excel’

Who: Mediahuis Limburg is the media company of Limburg with well-known print titles such as De Limburger, VIA, Limburgvac, Voilà and Ondernemen in Limburg. Mediahuis Limburg, returned from Sittard to Maastricht with its headquarters. To be precise, to a part of the Rabobank office in the Céramique district.

Duration: March 2022 – September 2022

Scope: 2300 m2

Key activities: Interior design, concept development, esthetical supervision in the realization phase.

The assignment

To move to another already equipped space on a small budget in a short space of time and with the reuse of as much furniture as possible. To turn that new place into a uniform, recognisable and ‘journalistic’ workplace.

The progress

“This was a challenge that gave me hot flashes at times. The location in Sittard had an awful lot of furniture and other stuff that didn’t fit together very well. A busy lot with a few good seating areas. The floors occupied in the Rabobank building were also fully furnished. Architecturally, the spaces made a huge impression with their high ceilings and beautiful vistas, but the upholstery did not suit Mediahuis Limburg. The furnishings were businesslike, impersonal, a bit dusty and, above all, brown, brown, brown. The space definitely needed colour and dynamism before the employees moved in.”

“The creative project team was very good at thinking along what we could best spend the limited budget on. Also, that team had a good sense of what journalists like and care about. Together with them and the very involved and enthusiastic furniture supplier, we created a suitable design.”

The result

The result is a unique space with distinctive features where you keep discovering new details. Maike took the brown that was already there as a base. Then she added colour. “I gave the acoustic partitions the colours of the rooftops of Maastricht, which you see from the office. There were lilac curtains from floor to ceiling. The columns present were given paint in three shades of blue and lined with moss. I wrapped high walls in wallpaper with large newspaper headlines about historical Limburg events.

The meeting rooms were given names of well-known Limburg pubs. After all, the pub was and is the place where news is exchanged. The new office was opened with a cannon shot. Very appropriate, because the employees are going to ‘pop’ here. What I hear from employees is that they really feel at home in the new place and enjoy (co)working there.”


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